Currently, Severáček works under Silvie Langrová, formerly Pálková, the artistic director and choirmaster of the Concert Choir. Preparatory choirs called „Little Beatles I, II and Little Flame“ are taken care of by two other professional choirmasters Andrea Čančarová Houfková and Radka Fryčová. Radka and Silva also train the preparatory choir called „Little Singers“. All three choirmasters teach vocal training for children of „Little Flame“ and the Concert Choir. Andrea Čančarová Houfková also leads the vocal training of boys after the mutation, and the boys‘ choir of Severáček.

Pianist and teacher Eva Dvořáková has been working with all the choir departments, including the Concert Choir for a considerably valued time.

Severáček owes its origin to the couple Jiřina and Milan Uherek, who conducted and shaped Severáček from its founding in 1958 until 1989, respectively 2012. Under their leadership Severáček became one of the best choirs of the then Czechoslovakia, later Czech Republic and won numerous international choral competitions at home and abroad, recorded for radio and television and brought up several generations of children to love the music.

In the years 1989 – 1997, choirmaster Lukáš Černý, a graduate of the Pardubice Conservatory, and pianist Vilém Valkoun, a graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, collaborated with Severáček and following on previous successes with victories, in Neerpelt, Belgium, Cantonigros in Spain or Preveza in Greece.

From 1997 to 2006, Severáček directed Petr Pálka together with his wife Silvie. This musically exceptionally gifted, charismatic choirmaster with a great sense of humour won the hearts of hundreds of children from Severáček and all adults in the mixed choir named Ještěd of Liberec. The young couple came to Liberec following an offer from the founder of the choir, Milan Uherek because of their successes with the children’s choir Kajetánek of Česká Třebová, they had founded and led for three years. Petr Pálka died suddenly after the extremely successful concert of Severáček in the Greek Megaro Moussikis in April 2006.














Silvie Langrová
Choirmaster, artistic director of the choir
Radka Fryčová
Choirmaster of preparatory choirs