Preparatory choir MALÍ ZPĚVÁČCI/LITTLE SINGERS, which is being set up by the Circle
of Friends of Severáček, consists of children in the age of 4 to 6 years. It is the youngest
department of Severáček choir. They are having rehearsals once per week. Children learn in a
playful way not only the basics of singing, but they also learn terms in musical science where
the focus is centered on rhythm and movement activities. Every rehearsal at the end of the
month is open for parents and other family members to come and sing with children. These
rehearsals are usually a great experience for everyone. The choir performs publicly several
times a year, usually at concerts with the rest of the Severáček Choir. At the end of the school
year, they have a traditional concert in the Church of the Virgin Mary in Liberec.

Regular rehearsals are held every Wednesday from 4.30 pm to 5.25 pm. The
choirmasters are Silvie Langrová (Pálková) and Radka Fryčová.


BROUČCI ZPĚVÁČCI/LITTLE BEATLES are the middle department of Severáček choir
made for children that attend 1 st and 2 nd grade of elementary school (Broučci I) or 2 nd and 3 rd
grade (Broučci II). Both departments rehearse twice a week and together consist of
approximately 60 children. In their repertoire, we can find folk songs and carols arranged by
Milan Uherek and Miroslav Raichl and songs by various Czech composers. Playfully,
children learn musical theory and deepen the basics of singing and rhythmical ability. This is
a way to prepare children for the oldest preparatory department, Plamínek. Besides the
traditional big concerts of Severáček, where Broučci zpěváčci sing, they also perform at
independent occasions on various opportunities in the region. A weekend tour to befriended
choir awaits them throughout the year.

Regular rehearsals are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 3.40 pm to 4.50 pm
(Broučci I) and 4.20 pm to 5.30 pm (Broučci II). The choirmasters are Radka Fryčová
and Andrea Čančarová Houfková.


PLAMÍNEK/LITTLE FLAME is the fourth and oldest preparatory department of Severáček.
It brings together children from the 4 th to the 6 th grade of primary school. Plamínek attends up
to 50 children, who rehearse twice a week and have individual voice training once every 14
days. Plamínek regularly performs at Severáček's traditional concerts, and sings at individual
concerts throughout the Czech Republic in reciprocal contact with other children's choirs. In
May 2013, the children of Plamínek sang together with the Concert Choir at a separate
concert as part of the Prague Spring International Music Festival. In March 2014, Plamínek
won first place, and a special jury prize at the "We sing for joy" choir competition in Turnov.
The children of Plamínek have their annual four-day training camp in Oldřichov v Hájích, and
the selected children will have a sixteen-day training camp in the summer together with the
Severáček Concert Choir in Letařovice, where they are advancing after its successful

Regular rehearsals take place every Monday and Friday from 2.40 pm to 3.50 pm.
Individual voice training classes take place once every 14 days.
The choirmasters are Radka Fryčová and Silvie Langrová (Pálková).


Silvie Langrová
Choirmaster, artistic director of the choir
Radka Fryčová
Choirmaster of preparatory choirs